Everything you need to know about your Crew and being a Crew Member !!

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So you have gotten some buildings built and hired a crew, maybe even been hired as a crew member for someone else. But what does it all mean?
Hopefully we can answer some of your questions and explain the importance of tending buildings in which you are part of the crew…

All of the Royalty Buildings require you to hire a crew to finish the building. These are the buildings that increase your Castle level.

To do this you can hire the Duke to fill positions for Crowns or you can invite your friends to fill positions by clicking the  RECRUIT button.

By going inside and viewing the crew of a particular building, you can see if it has been tended.

The more your crew tends a building, the higher the building levels up and gives you rewards.

The higher your building level increases, your Castle level increases as well.

When your crew have tended the building, and it is time to level up, you will see this when mousing over the building

When your crew have visited and tended your building, be sure to send a thank you to them !

If you check your building and your crew has not tended it , then you can send them a reminder…


When you send a reminder, this will appear on their wall…

What can I do if my crew is not tending my building? How can I fire them and hire new crew?

At the moment, there is no fire button. This has been reported to the development team and they are working on it.

The only way to rehire crew until they give us a fire button, is to sell the building and rebuild it.

You have to go to the icon for Design Mode. When the Design Menu opens, click the coins, or sell icon.

But be aware if you choose to do this , you will lose Castle level until the building is rebuilt…

So how do I know what buildings I am supposed to tend?

When you visit your neighbors’  kingdoms, you will find an icon above and a glow around the buildings  you should tend!

So when you go into a neighboring kingdom, look for these icons ….

These tends give you greater coin rewards than regular buildings with coin icons above them.

You can be on several different building crews in a neighboring kingdom!  At this time there is no way to tend more than 5. 

Each time you tend a building in which you are part of the crew, your rank increases and so do your rewards when tending it!!

Not to mention you are helping your neighbor to raise their Castle Level too.

What if I don’t find any of those icons above my neighbor’s buildings?

How can i get on a building’s crew?

You can accept invites from neighbors or find a neighbor that has a building under construction and apply to be on their crew!

Clicking on a building that is under construction will take you inside.

Then by clicking the APPLY button at the bottom, your application is sent!

Then you and your neighbor can start reaping the rewards !!


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    Can’t wait for the fire and hire feature! Love this game. Best one so far! Kim

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