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Tips on Obtaining Rat Tails and Other Beastie Items

To start , DO NOT USE clubs, super clobbers, swords or any other weapons to banish your beasties.

Click Slowly…

After non-scientific experimentation, it appears your chances of getting rat tails increases significantly if you allow / encourage your neighbors to kill your Gloom Rats. Most recently 2 neighbors killed all four rats yielding 5 rat tails and 2 crystal shards….. CVFTT Moderator Kathy Rabenstein

And a fan suggests this: Chris Potts-Roybal wrote:
Okay, I think I’ve found a process for getting more rat tails. First, don’t use any clubs, just straight hits. Summon your rat with a potion, before you hit it, move your avatar to a different spot. Before you hit it again, move your avatar to a different spot and do another action like feed a chicken with each hit. I’ve even gotten two tails from one rat with this once. It doesn’t work every time, but I’ve found it to work about 2 out of 3 times. :)


Losing Collection Time on your Buildings or Crops?

Has your Viking Mine, Mining Camp or Logging Camp lost time on the timer when you check to see when you can collect next?

Have your crops been reset to the original harvest time?

One of our fans, ‘Louise Thostrup suggests this::

 It happens sometimes, that the “item” forgets about the time bonus.
When my items does that, I go into design mode, move the thing and move it back, notice that it says: if you place your building here you get xx amount of bonus”.
After that it counts with the right time again!


The “ASK” buttons by Geo Mills

I thought I would add something for beginners, because the “asking” of things from neighbours is very important..

  • DO NOT “ask” for logs or stones for instance, because those are easy to get from neighbours who are no longer playing.
  • DO ask for wooden planks and stone blocks. cause those take time to create!

might be obvious for some, but others until they see it, not so obvious.

so other things to request might be crops.

  • If you ask for cotton, and get 40 from neighbours, well that is 40 energy you just saved.  You can also ask for Sugar cane and Flax. With the longer term crops you don’t have to worry about waiting if you “ask” for them, Shorter term crops you do not have to worry about wither.

In short, the “ask” button is a powerful tool.

Keep asking!

You might start a construction, just so you can have the chance to ask for stone blocks or wooden planks. You can leave the building undone and keep those piles fat, just keep track of your inventories and work on what you are low on. Remember to request things further down the manufacturing chain. Like,  spools of thread is another thing to go for, rather than the raw material.

And a last word.. keep an eye out for changes.

For instance, we were having to have our minks become adults before they gave mink oil. It took me a week! then just as they were about to produce, they put an “ask” button in the studio and just like that I had 50. Maybe someone will complain enough and we will be able to “ask” for iron bars! Now that would be nice!


Placing Royal Decor by Donald Tremblay

I’ve seen this question posted many times: “the game won’t let me add a decoration on my land” .
Well, one way to be sure that it won’t happen is :
  • First you go to the market,
  • Then  go on the decor tab,
  •  Go to royal decor tab, if all items are blackened out, that means you have reached your limit of royal decoration allowed on your kingdom according to your level.
Don’t panic, u have a chance to look to see if you have those items and you can store some of  them if you wish.
  • You need to exit the market, once you know which item to store,
  • Click on the  Design Mode (Green Crosshair) and then the Storage Cellar icon and click on the item you wish to store.
  • Then go back to the market, then the items won’t be blackened out.
  • Buy and place the royal decoration of your choice.

good luck DON

How long can you wait to accept items in your ZMC Inbox?

These tips show that your over inventory items stay in your inbox but

There is daily limit for every category, if we don’t accept or send it back in 24 hours, it will dissapear.


 Item drops when feeding your animals

Puzzle Fallon writes:

I notice that if I click on one animal at a time and collect I seem to get milk/eggs/meat from each one …but if I click on a bunch all together, then I only seem to get a fraction of what I clicked on.
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